Making data collected by governments and international organizations available for everyone has become a big trend lately. There are a lot of attempts to make this data sets not only available but also processable and analyzable and easy to use for anyone - some examples are Google Public Data or

Inqubu now has published a new app called INQStats that brings the world of open government data to the Smartphone. In the first version, INQStats can display numerous statistical data of all countries of the world and show historical data as well. Currently available data sets are:
  • Population
  • Birth rate
  • Internet users
  • Literacy rate
  • Median age
  • GDP
  • Gini coefficient
  • Unemployment rate
  • Government debts
and a lot more. Data is derived semi automatically from various sources (e.g. UN-Data,, OECD) and is constantly updated. Data is also stored locally so the app can be used even if no Internet connection is available. The overall goal of INQStats is to give a quick overview of data from several countries, compare it and show the historic development.

The app is available for free for Android and Windows Phone currently. A browser based version can be found here.

If you have any feedback, don't hesitate to contact us! Feel free to share or comment your opinion to INQStats!

Android Version:
Windows 10 Version: